Baby Shower Event in the Best Way

How to Plan a Baby Shower Event in the Best Way?

Are you fed up with the sameold baby showerideas, and not interested in those boring games that you’ve been watching since the 18th century? Here are some innovative tips to celebrate your upcoming birth of your baby. This ritual is a special ceremony for the mom-to-be and throwing a party could often be a challenge for family and friends. But, with these perfect baby shower creative ideas and planning tips, you can certain go a notch further, and leave no stones unturned in the preps. The baby shower ritual has gained lot of popularity of late, and there are plenty of ways in which, you can add some spice to the celebration.

Hosting such event can be exciting and creative; so here are some fun ideas.

some fun ideas

Be Creative – But Don’t Overdo It!

The core purpose of the baby showers is to celebrate the happy news of the pregnancy with your close family members and friends. Do not make it look like 25th anniversary or birthday bash, as mother is carrying the baby, so she needs to have less stress and the event needs to be short, so that she gets enough time to relax.


Fix the Date, Time, and Venue Well in Advance

You can consult event organizers for hosting the event, and they would come with the time, date, and venue for the event. But, you can also manage everything on your own, and event organizers may not be required unless you’re throwing a big party where more than 100 attendees are expected.

Preparing the Guest List and Budget

Preparing the Guest List and Budget

Considering the budget, number of guests, time of the year, you need to select the venue. Throwing a shower party in living room or backyard is warm and you do not have pay money for room renting or hotel booking. If the guest list is big, you may have to reserve a place in nearby restaurant or hotel. One good thing about this is setup, food serving, maintenance, and cleanup would be handled by the staffs, so that host can enjoy the function.

So, it all starts with preparation of the guest list, and then you can come up with your own budget, so that you can think about fixing food and venue. If you’ve ten guests and $500, you can probably splurge a bit on the food and venue.

All the Invitations a Month in Advance

Send Out All the Invitations a Month in Advance

Make attractive baby shower invitations for the guests and give them in advance, at least a month before the ceremony, so that they may reserve some time from their busy schedule. In this way, you get enough time to reserve the date, venue, find gifts.

You can also send an email invitation, as a casual shower function, and a printed invitation card isn’t required in most of the cases, especially in this digital era where all the things happen over emails!

So, there you have a simple guide describing how to plan your baby shower party at home, without really spending a fortune.

Author Bio:- This article is contributed by Jennifer Stella, who has authored dozens of articles on variety of lifestyle issues and topics, and she loves to plan baby shower parties, wedding, and other events.